Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
by Relawan Jurnal Indonesia

Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI) as Crossref Sponsoring Organization providing a simple process to become Crossref member and get DOI for your digital content.

Get More Benefits!

Becoming Crossref member with RJI as Crossref Sponsoring Organization give you some benefits:


Facilitate content registration with Crossref on behalf of sponsored members/ organizations by Request with additional cost.


Handle billing on behalf of sponsored members/organizations.


Pay one annual fee which covers all of the sponsored members/ organizations you work with based on the total annual publications revenue of those members/organizations.


Work in a specific community segment or region and can provide support and promotion of Crossref activities and services.

How to become a member ?

Sign Up

Fill up form registration to register your institution as a NEW MEMBER of Crossref or TRANSFER to RJI as Sponsored organization.


Our team validating your information and will send document agreement or others information to your email.


Send a payment for membership registration and pre-deposit fee to our bank account. After few time you will receive DOI information such as DOI Prefix, user and password.


Congratulation. Now you are member of Crossref. You can manage your DOI prefix with user and password from Crossref.

Get all
Crossref Services!

Become Crossref member under RJI Sponsoring Organization will give you an Access to all of Crossref services.

Crossref Content Registration logo

Content Registration

Members maintain and update metadata long-term, telling us if content moves to a new website, and they include more information as time goes on. This means that there is a growing chance that content is found, cited, linked to, included in assessment, and used by other researchers.

Crossref reference linking logo

Reference Linking

Because Crossref is all about rallying the scholarly community to work together, reference linking is an obligation for all Crossref members and for all current journal content. It is encouraged for other content types as well, such as books and conference proceedings.

Crossref cited-by logo


Cited-by helps members find out who is citing their content, display the counts, and link to the citing content. Members tell us what works their papers are referencing by giving us that information as metadata when they register content. Then they can query which papers are citing their content.

Crossref crossmark logo


Crossmark gives readers quick and easy access to the current status of a piece of content. With one click, you can see if content has been updated, corrected or retracted and access valuable additional metadata provided by the publisher.

Crossref crosscheck logo


Similarity Check is a service for editors who want an extra check. The service helps our members to actively engage in efforts to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism by providing their editorial teams with access to Turnitin’s powerful text comparison tool, iThenticate.

Who have used this service

Author image

Handling DOI through RJI was easier, faster, and cheaper. Easier, as it comes with a complete tutorial for DOI activation. Faster because the RJI's tutors is very responsive to solve the difficulties, at the same time it also handling the activation process of DOI. Cheaper, because with RJI the price is far below the normal price, this really help some of Institutions with limited funding. Thanks RJI, we wish for the more successful and advanced for the progress of publication in Indonesia. God bless RJI.

Author image

Thanks for RJI's help, they have helped our institution to get prefix so that our articles have DOI. In the future, we wish RJI can increase the number of dissemination and contribution to science and technology

Author image

Alhamdulillah, we feel grateful for the RJI's journal management activities. RJI has help us related to maintaining the website and manage the DOI Prefix with Crossreff. We realize that RJI's officials are always busy in managing journals and organizations, but they managed to help us dealing with our journal management. Even though, we come from different institutions. Thank you very much. Keep the spirit and keep moving on Indonesia's Journals. Regards.

Author image

Thanks to RJI who has supported and guided us in our management journals process, hopefully RJI can always assist us in the management of a better journal.

Author image

RJI greatly facilitates journal managers to improve journal quality. Not only related to the management of publications, but also technical matters such as coordinating the registration of DOI in Crossref. With this form of facilitation, RJI not only help DOI registration, but also help us with the process of uploading xml metadata and also DOI settings on each article.Thank you RJI, hopefully more successful in the future.

Author image

The facilities provided by RJI are very helpful for universities in Indonesia, because the services and the facilities provided by RJI can make it easier to get DOI and dealing with the setting in the journal so that DOI can attached well.

Author image

After getting DOI easier and cheaper through RJI, now we continue to get Crossref Account for the Similarity Check powered by iThenticate shortly. We have got all goodness which provided by RJI to support journal management in Indonesia. We are from STAIN Curup are very grateful to have RJI as our partner. Our Journals grow and develop with RJI.

Author image

Handling DOI through RJI is very easy and very cheap. The process is not difficult and the time required is relatively fast. The RJI's team works with alertness and responsiveness. Any problems complained of in registration or setup get help from the team. thank you.

Author image

A step forward, for the world of Indonesian scientific publications initiated by RJI in exploring domestic scientific texts, to be recognized internationally. It is not easy, but moving forward though a step will give the prove, that Indonesia is growing. Keep Fighting RJI, hopefully more and always successful. Amen