Crossmark gives readers quick and easy access to the current status of a piece of content. With one click, you can see if content has been updated, corrected or retracted and access valuable additional metadata provided by the publisher.


  • Publishers can reassure readers that they’re keeping their content up-to-date and showcase additional metadata.
  • Researchers and librarians can easily see the changes to the content they are reading, find out who funded the research, what licenses apply to the content and more.
  • Anyone can access the Crossmark metadata through our REST API, providing a myriad of opportunities for integration with other systems and analysis of changes to the scholarly record.

How it works

Publishers place the Crossmark button close to the title of a piece of content on their web pages and in PDFs, and commit to informing us if there is an update such as a correction or retraction. They also send additional metadata such as authors’ ORCIDs and the funders behind the research.

Crossmark v2.0 button

When a reader clicks on the button a pop-up box appears that headlines the current status of the content: up-to-date, updates available, or retracted, and also displays all of the additional information. Watch the video below to find out more:

How to participate

Publishers participate in Crossmark by depositing additional metadata for their content and adding a snippet of code to their DOI landing pages to generate the Crossmark button and link. Find out more about how to get started.

Obligations & fees

As a publisher participating in Crossmark, you agree to:

  • Maintain your content and promptly register any updates
  • Include the Crossmark button on all digital formats (HTML, PDF, ePub)
  • Implement Crossmark using the script provided by us
  • Not alter the Crossmark button in any way other than adjusting its size.

There are fees for Crossmark.