Indonesian Journal Volunteers were established after a meeting of the journal managers in Indonesia. Presented parties were agreed upon voluntary spirit and contributions of thoughts, energy and materials related to electronic journal management with other journal managers in other universities, research institutions, and other institutions publishing journals throughout Indonesia without any differentiation. To materialize its vision, Relawan Jurnal Indonesia registered its organization with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia numbered AHU-0005712.AH.01.07.YEAR 2017, on Certification of Legitimately Established Organization of the Relawan Jurnal Indonesia/Indonesian Journal Volunteers. The vision of Relawan Jurnal Indonesia/Indonesian Journal Volunteers, or RJI, is to assist journal managers' publication processes into at least a national-level of high quality, and well-respected electronic journal management.

Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI) as Crossref Sponsoring Organization

  1. Facilitate content registration with Crossref on behalf of sponsored members/ organizations;
  2. Handle billing on behalf of sponsored members/organizations;
  3. Pay one annual fee which covers all of the sponsored members/ organizations you work with based on the total annual publications revenue of those members/organizations;
  4. Work in a specific community segment or region and can provide support and promotion of Crossref activities and services.

Type of organization we can work with:

  • Publishers or Universities using Open Journal System for their journals or Open Monograph Press for their Books, or Eprints for their Repositories. However, any similar platforms are welcome.
  • Come from Indonesia or Southeast Asia. Other regions in Asia are welcome if they are not a profit-oriented organization.
  • Languages: English, Bahasa (Indonesia).
  • Organization types: Universities, Governments, or other non-profit organizations are welcome.
  • Fee category: We welcome publisher or organization with total publishing revenue or expenses less than $1 million USD/Year
  • Content types: Journals, books, conference proceedings, conference papers, theses, dissertations.