1. Pay for annual member fee Rp. 500.000, - (five hundred thousand rupiah). This fee is paid after getting DOI prefix (content registration excluded) Crossref standard content charges. Please check 1 Dollar/article each for 2 years
  2. Fill the PILA Agreement prepared by RJI and Crossref;
  3. Register on behalf of Publisher.

Registration Process

  1. Users fill out the form Apply DOI Now;
  2. RJI Send email the next step;
  3. RJI processes after the user uploads PILA and Statement Letter;
  4. RJI processes the PILA to Crossref;
  5. RJI sends an Invoice for Annual Fee Member to User;
  6. User receive the Prefix ID, and setup the prefix to the journal web (with RJI assistant);
  7. User transfer the fee to RJI;
  8. RJI send the User and Passwrod of the DOI Prefix.

How to Become an RJI User

  1. Fill in the following form, so that RJI helps to customize the look of your Journal.
  2. The examples of Journals that have been Custom appears here. Example of unadjusted journal view / OJS standard;
  3. after your journals have been customized, please preserve the contents of the following portfolio.
  4. Visit us at

Additional notes: A DOI prefix number can be used for multiple journals in a single publisher. The DOI setup of the journal will be directly accompanied by the RJI TEAM. Each submission will be processed collectively on the 15th of each month. If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact us via email at